Food Blog by John & Jenny


We are a happily married couple and we both love food.  We thought it would be fun to write using our distinctly different points of view.

…She ate:

Jenny: Hi there! I’m a foodie and a lover of exotic foods.  I love to cook and experiment.  When I travel I often take cooking classes to expand my skills in the kitchen.  I usually make healthy food choices with fresh ingredients.  My weakness is frozen yogurt with lots of toppings to make it yummy.

…He ate:

John: Hi there! I’m a Texan and love BBQ. I enjoy mexican food, cajun, and good southern cooking.  I’m also a big fan of asian food including thai, vietnamese, and schezwan.  I’m an adventurous eater and not afraid to try something strange of different.  My weakness is ice cream with lots of chunks.

Join us on our food adventures.  Sometimes we eat together and Sometimes we eat different places .  We will almost always have a different point view..

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