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Summer Rolls

I love everything in a rice wrapper. Though I’m never really sure the difference between a spring roll, a summer roll, or an autumn roll (Ok I made that last one up), I usually like to make a delicious Vietnamese roll for a delicious summer dinner.

Tonight I’ve outdone myself.

Rolls two ways:

Vermicelli rice noodles
Cucumber, grated
Carrot, grated
1 egg
Fresh Cilantro
Fresh Mint
Medium shrimps
Fish sauce

Cook one egg whipped in a small frying pan into a thin pancake. Let cool and cut in thin strips.

Sauté shrimps in fish sauce.

Grate cukes and carrots, dry off with paper towels,

Soften vermicelli noodles with hot water and strain.

Soften rice paper wrappers with hot water, one at a time, fill with a small bit of each filling component. Wrap like a burrito, eat with the dip.

Sweet chili sauce
Peanut butter (chunky, no sugar added, nothing but peanuts!)
Fish sauce
White pepper
Soy sauce
Coconut milk or 2% milk

In a bowl, mix a splash of each ingredient with multiple spoonfuls of chunky peanut butter until desired consistency and taste.
Here’s the thing…
You can put ANYthing in a rice wrapper!

Tonight for filling I put in:
British hot house cukes
Pickled crispy carrot spears (usually used in bloody Mary’s)
Butter lettuce leaves

Chicken strips
Baby portobello mushrooms
Fermented black bean paste
Chili paste
Fish sauce

I cooked thin strips of mushroom and chicken with grated ginger, grated garlic, black bean, fish sauce, chili paste, and diced onion.

When making the rolls, I didn’t use any vermicelli, instead I placed a butter lettuce leaf topped with a bit of everything else, wrapped it all in a rice wrapper.

For the dipping sauce: plain chunky peanut butter and sweet chili sauce mixed together. Nothing fancy,
But crazy good.

So good I forgot to take a decent photo!