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Crawdad Boil- Houston, TX

Spring in Texas means CRAWDADs!Yesterday the Hubs and I went on a day long adventure to procure the ingredients for a down-home crawfish Boil. (Who’s your crawdaddy?) we went to a couple stores to pick up the crawfish (about 6 lbs), potatoes, corn, andouille sausage, mushrooms, onion, orange, garlic, and lemons…. And a rack of Lonestar beer!

We filled the sink with the live little mud bugs and rinsed them… A lot. They were gross! We then filled the big pot with everything but the crawfish and brought it to a boil with a spice bag and extra cayenne pepper and powdered ginger. We should have added more salt.

Brought it to a boil until the potatoes were half done and slid in all the washed crawfish. Brought it back to a boil for 4 minutes and added frozen corn on the cob to bring the temp down quickly. The boil sat for about 30 mins while we enjoyed cheep beer on the porch.

The dining room table we lined with wax paper and strained everything into a large roasting pan.

The Boil turned out deeelicious! It takes some time to work through the whole lot, worth every bit! We slowly made our way through about half of the pile, saving some for leftovers (crawdad frittata post soon!).

Spring in Texas sure is delicious.